Academic Program

Pre Primary Years:

Our goal at Kidz Care Convent is to offer our children with a dynamic and caring environment. With a well researched learning methodology that steadily takes children from informal education to formal education. The early years of learning are all about fun, engagement and skill building. Being a part of the Kidz Care Convent, the transition from Pre Primary to Primary is natural and smooth with the help of an integrated curriculum, which ensures that children are well prepared for Grade 1.

Primary Years:

The Primary Years Program invites young curious learners to the world of exploration, experience and lots of interaction. It lays the foundation for various subjects that our little students are going to pursue as they grow. Language building, exposure to numeracy , experimenting with science, enjoying dance and music and exposure to multiple sports defines the overall framework of the Primary Years Program.

Middle Years:

The Middle Years Program at Kidz Care Convent enables our young students to identify their areas of interest and guides them to channelise their energy and time towards the same. With the academic program now taking a more formal shape, the students begin to relate their subject options with the higher education they wish to pursue. Experienced educators ensure that our students strike a right balance between academics, co-academics and grooming programs.