Management’s Desk

Mr.Vinay Kumar

Founder & Director, Kidz Care Convent School.

Kidz Care Convent School is a dream come true for my entire team. Our inspiration is to be the key that deciphers the needs and aspirations of the learners of 21st century. We believe in staying relevant, tech equipped, flexible and sensitive to child’s need for learning. We acknowledge the present but are also eager to change and create more wholesome, efficient, intelligent and humane learning environment for our children. We at Kidz Care Convent School shall be able to achieve our dream of providing every child “Education for Future”.

Nutan Kumari

Vice Principal, Kidz Care Convent School.

Kidz Care Convent School is a mindset that pushes me forward everyday to do something new, risk an idea, collaborate with people, who in turn amaze me and inspire me to try harder and try smarter. I believe that every dream is achievable only if you have the right intent and right people by your side. At Kidz Care Convent School, my endeavour is to welcome dreamers, creators , thinkers , innovators who share the dream to transcend the barriers of being ordinary and make an effort to become extraordinary. I welcome you to be a part of the dream at Kidz Care Convent.